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Our Services

High quality dental care

Dr Stephen Chimes and his team in Rose Bay are caring, empathetic and professional, ensuring your visit is as pleasant and productive as possible.

We provide comprehensive treatment planning and are able to offer a wide range of services.

These include Preventative Dentistry, Restorative Dentistry, Orthodontics, Root Canal Treatments and Dental Implants

This enables us to provide comprehensive multi-disciplinary treatment that many patients require.

We have an Oral Hygienist who assists with the Oral Hygiene Instruction, Preventative and Periodontal services. Our team believe that it is important to see a hygienist in these areas as often there are issues such as tough plaque which could not be removed through normal brushing which a hygienist can treat. Moreover, this allows an opportunity to detect and treat any potential issues before they escalate, often necessitation more complex, costly treatment. At Stephen Chimes Dentistry in Rose Bay we value prevention over a cure.

We offer Nitrous Oxide Sedation (Happy Gas), and for those patients who require a General Anaesthetic we will arrange for treatment to be done in a Day Clinic.

We communicate well with our patients so that they are well informed and educated about their dental treatment.

Should you require any further information about our services, please feel free to contact us.


Other services we offer include:


Corporate Dental Program

Gem-Visa Payment Plan