Anxious Patients

At Stephen Chimes Dentistry, our friendly team aims to make your experience with us as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Our caring, understating dentists will try to accommodate any needs, requirements or worries you may have to achieve this.

However, we understand the anxiety that accompanies many people with dentists and oral treatment and we are able to offer the following services to ease this fear:

Inhalations sedation – Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide or ‘Happy Gas’ has been medically used for over 30 years, and is a safe options for patients to experience their dental treatment without stress, without anxiety and without fear. Under nitrous oxide patients will experience feelings of deep relaxation or happiness. Its effects will subside following a few deeps breaths after completing treatments and it will completely exit the system in 20 minutes.

General Anaesthetic

If you are a particularly anxious patient or require complex or multiple treatments in a single session we are able to complete your treatment with the use of a general anaesthetic, administered by a qualified anaesthetist at a local day surgery. This will allow you to sleep for the duration of your treatment. For more information about having your next treatment under a general anaesthetic, contact our friendly Rose Bay clinic.

Our Goal

We communicate well with our patients so that they are well informed and educated about their dental treatment.

Teeth Whitening Offer

We are currently offering our Zoom! In Chair Tooth Whitening service with Dr Michael Berger for only $850!

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our modern Rose Bay clinic offers a range of treatment options to change or enhance your smile including tooth whitening, dental crowns and bridges or veneers. Moreover, with our CEREC machine we can often complete these treatments in a single visit! Have a look at our services for more.

Ask Our Dentist

Our experienced dental team is happy to answer any questions you may have about your dental health and care. Educating our patients on their dental health is important to us. Click on the link below to ask us your questions.