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Stephen Chimes Dentistry uses the most advanced technology to produce the best possible results in an efficient, comfortable manner to make your time with use a pleasurable and relaxed experience.

Computer Aided Restoration (CEREC):

CEREC represents the height of dental technology. Its advanced technology can quickly manufacture strong, durable, aesthetically pleasing restoration which heightens functionality whilst protecting your tooth or teeth’s existing structure.

With its 3D camera, CEREC creates a digital model of your tooth. With this model our dentist creates a precise restoration on the computer screen. Then a porcelain block is entered into CEREC and it carves an exact filling, inlay, crown or other restoration which can be permanently bonded to the tooth/teeth in a single visit. This restoration is strong, longlasting and natural in appearance, without the need for an external lab.

Intra Oral Camera:

The intra oral camera allows gives us a detailed tour of your teeth and gums appearing live on an overhead monitory. We can then explain what is occurring and what requires treatment and while you watch for yourself.

Low Dose, Digital X-Rays:

Emitting only a fraction of the percentage of radiation of traditional x-rays, digital x-rays can be viewed instantaneously on a screen above. This allows us to provide you more efficient diagnosis and treatment.

Before and After Gallery

  • Crowns and Bridges (Before and After Shots)
  • Cosmetic Dentistry (Before and After Shots)
  • Dental implants (Before and After Shots)
  • Orthodontics (Before and After Shots)
  • Complex Multidisciplinary Treatment (Before and After Shots)